Dairy Calf Puller Alternate Traction

Dairy Calf Puller Alternate Traction

Made of Medical Grade Stainless Steel Grade 304
Rust Free forever

Available Sizes:

Ref:                 Pole Size:                        Frame Size:
1111.04              160 cm                        52 cm
1111.05              180 cm                        52 cm
1111.06              200 cm                       52 cm

  • Description


The beef calf puller is a much heavier and larger version Then Dairy Version. The rump frame
is made of larger diameter, heavier tubing with an inside width of 57cm ( 5 cm wider than the
dairy calf puller ). The square pulling pole is larger in cross section and available in three lengths.
The ratchet is bigger to suit the larger pole. This puller is designed to suit the larger beef breeds.

This calving aid is supplied with one pair of calving ropes. These beef calving ropes are longer
than the dairy calving ropes as the puller and ratchet are bigger, so the ropes have to be longer.
These ropes are colored (red and blue) to further differentiate them from the standard ropes
(White). calving ropes are very high quality soft flattening type ropes so they do not cut into the
animal being assisted.